o matter how it looks at first, it's always a people problem.

Gerald M. Weinberg - The Second Law of Consulting

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Quest of Quality

If we had to reduce everything we are trying to achieve to one word, then this one word would be "quality".

Devotion to quality as the main objective makes things easier by eliminating a number of choices. Certain things must not be done if you want a high-grade result. Other things must be done at all cost.

Quality is not just an attribute of the product. Quality must be inherent to the processes that will lead you to the product.

Flawed methods might occasionally produce good results. Unfortunately, those results will not be repeatable.

We are constantly searching for concepts that will allow us to raise the current level of quality. We look for methods that simplify our way of working, at the same time making the product more robust and the process repeatable.

We do not favor particular tools, programming languages or platforms. In a world of constant changes they are of no real significance. Flexibility is is one of the central requirements of software construction.

We choose techniques that will help us achieve exactly what our clients want: The agreed functionality at the agreed time for the agreed price. If we can provide this, we are happy.

How often did you get exactly that?